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OES Corrosion

OES Group offer the most advanced and durable
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System available on the market.


With full in-house manufacturing & design, we are unique and have full control and traceability of our complete systems and production.

All our systems are designed and verified by Cathodic Protection (CP) personnel and certified in accordance with EN ISO 15257:2017. Furthermore we have in house Cathodic Protection Modelling software with the latest in FEM based analysis.

Our TiMMO ICCP anodes are of the highest quality and contain only the purest additive compositions from the platinum group of precious metals.
All anodes are multiply coated and go through a vigorous curing process and are subject to strict quality control measures.
This is to ensure the most optimum performance, taking into consideration all environmental aspects of your project.

We tailor make all our installation accessories in house with the support of our experienced fabrication division. This can be offered in synthetic or structural steel parts fabricated in accordance with various approved in house held WPQR’s with full third party NDT inspections. Subject to all international standards and project specific specifications.

We offer the best structural solution on a project to project basis and in areas of high stress and adverse environmental conditions, design verification checks are performed by recognised third parties for complete piece of mind.

Our Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) are typically Switch Mode and operate with Auto Potential.
We work with the most experienced partners, combining over three decades of experience in manufacturing TRU’s with our industry knowledge to make sure we offer only the highest quality and proven technology. This also ensure that we guarantee minimum maintenance requirements during the lifetime of your project.
This assures the most optimum performance of our ICCP systems.

We pride ourselves on our passion of offering a complete package and by doing so we work closely with Designers, Asset Owners, Yards, Underwater Contractors and EPCI’s to ensure we take away any headache for our customers, whether that be design, system manufacturing or installation.

With our in-house knowledge and experience, we offer complete cable management support. This is in line with our “no worry” company policy to guarantee the performance and integrity of our ICCP system.

Using OES Groups environmentally friendly ICCP system, your project is able to reduce installation costs and reduce their impact on the environment significantly when comparing to more typical Galvanic Anode systems.
Furthermore it extends the design life due to the high efficiency of our anodes.

Our systems can be utilised in a variety of applications and for specific market application. Select your relevant market below


Have an idea? We’ll make it!


Foundation design optimization


Reduced cleaning routines for nets


Less emissions and fuel consumption

Oil & Gas

No more cleaning requirements