Solutions for the Aquaculture market

Marine Growth in the Aqua Culture Industry costs the global industry in excess of £1billion through expensive cleaning routines, product health issues and increasing lice content within the pen and on the fish. OES have developed specially designed systems with specifically altered multiple frequency ultrasonic bursts installed locally or specially designed open water systems to protect the following Aquaculture equipment and assets –

  • Nets
    Nets if left untreated will clog with algae. Owners and operators face a constant battle to clean nets by expensive routines using a fully crewed supply vessel and specialist cleaning equipment. The cleaning routines as well as being expensive and extremely labour intensive cause net damage (in time requiring replacements) which in turn causes ocean pollution by breaking down the nylon coatings.
  • Feeding Barges
    Our system is a simple and effective means to prevent marine growth on the hull of feeding barges. As Feeding Barges are stationary this offers the perfect environment for Marine Organisms to colonate which will attract larger species of hard fouling.
  • Walkway Floats/Rings
    Ultrasonic will also work on Plastic which allows OES to offer our clients specifically designed adaptable transducers to prevent Marine Growth onto the walkway floats. This will remove the requirement for lift out and cleaning routines.