Solutions for Offshore Oil & Gas

OES supply turnkey solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. We offer a Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of the industries only ATEX Approved Ultrasonic Marine Growth Prevention system. We offer this for a wide variety of infrastructure & equipment, below some examples of our activities.

  • Foundations
    We can assist in the early design to maximise clients capex by reducing and controlling Marine Growth in the splash zone of fixed foundations and thus preventing larger steel sections. Our technology can also be used to keep weld areas clean for easier access for routine NDT inspections.
  • FPSO / Semi Subs and DrillShips Hulls
    Our system can be installed internally to a vessel or asset hull to prevent marine growth attachment to the structure. This will reduce drag on the structure and decrease fuel consumption for moving plant while saving cleaning routines for moored vessels.
  • Heat Exchagers
    Existing ICAF and Chlorine systems in many cases are none effective within heat exchangers offshore generally down to extensive pipe work runs and higher temperatures on the water of the equipment. Our system keeps exchanger plates clean reducing down time for cleaning and keeping equipment fully operational 24/7.
  • Cooling Pipe Work
    Our transducers can be fit direct to cooling pipework using specialist adaptors keeping cooling systems free from growth and preventing blockages which could prove fatal to equipment onboard by increasing operating temperatures.
  • Sea Water Lift Pumps
    Our system can be fit direct to SWL Pump caissons and strainers to prevent intake blockages. The system can be adapted and retro fit for any OEM design.

The system can be installed submerged or dry making installation very easy and cost effective as well as offering a maintenance free system.

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