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Oil & Gas

OES Group offers two different products for the Oil & Gas market, each product comes with their own benefit.

Ultrasonic Anti Fouling system:

Turnkey solutions to the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. We offer a Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning, in case requested we can deliver ATEX approved equipment.

offshore oil gas solutions


We can assist in the early design to maximise clients capex by reducing and controlling Marine Growth in the splash zone of fixed foundations.

Cooling Pipe Work

Our transducers can be fit direct to cooling pipework using specialist adaptors keeping cooling systems free from growth and preventing blockages.

FPSO and DrillShips

Our system can be installed internally to a vessel or asset hull to prevent marine growth attachment to the structure. This will reduce drag on the structure and decrease fuel consumption for moving plant while saving cleaning routines for moored vessels.

Heat Exchangers

Our system keeps exchanger plates clean reducing down time for cleaning and keeping equipment fully operational 24/7.

Sea Water Lift Pumps

Our system can be fit direct to SWL Pump caissons and strainers to prevent intake blockages.

offshore oil gas solutions

ICCP Oil & Gas

OES Group have a dedicated team of Cathodic Protection Specialists certified in accordance EN 15257:2017.
Our engineers have worked in the Oil and Gas Sector for over a decade and have worked in a variety of offshore environments globally and on a wide range of projects. This high level of expertise and experience ensures we are able to Design, Model, Optimize and Deliver the most competitive and reliable CP systems for the offshore oil and gas market.

We are able to offer intelligent Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Systems with the latest user friendly SCADA controlled control units ensuring owners and operators can access and asses their corrosion control system at any given time or location.

Our system is suitable and proven for all type of applications in the offshore Oil and Gas Industry as follows:

  • Foundations (Jackets and Sparrs) – Reduce weight on your structure and reduce anode installations when comparing against a typical traditional Aluminium Sacrificial Anode System.
    Selecting ICCP reduces costs, reduces inspections and extends life while being a much more environmentally friendly choice.
  • Vessels (Drill Ships, FSO’s, FPSO’s and Semi Submersibles) – ICCP is the easy choice to protect your vessel hull from corrosion. The significant anode installation reduction and weight reduction pose significant benefit for optimization and drag. Design Life is not restricted like a Galvanic Anode system and this ensures life extension which is key to many Oil and Gas projects

Our Scope of work and services offered include but not limited to:


We are able to design systems in accordance with all industry recognized standards. We work closely with the industry governing bodies ensuring that we are able to update and adapt our design data to suit our clients specific project requirements. All designs are certified and modeled by our Cathodic Protection specialists and specific CP Modeling software for design optimization and effectiveness is offered as standard.

Manufacture / ICCP

We offer two system manufacturing options for our anode production, all complete with European produced controller rectifier units IP rated for water ingress and C4 coated.

  • External Steel Spool ICCP Anode Assemblies

Our spools are fabricated by European high grade steel to suit our clients fabrication requirements. All spools are fabricated in-house and in accordance with our approved WPS’s in line with industry recognized welding standards.
When required spools can also be produced in accordance with ISO 3834 and EN 1090-2 with European origin material ensuring the highest level of quality. All systems are provided with 100% trace ability and 3.1 certification.

  • Retro Fit ICCP Anode Assemblies

Where an old project has utilized sacrificial anodes and the anode mass is gone, clients may want to extend their projects CP system.
We offer a specialist designed ICCP system for any solution from our experienced Offshore Engineering Team which ensure easy installation and complete durability.

System Commissioning

Our CP Technicians will visit the project to energize and commission the ICCP system.
The system will be adjusted for optimum performance and calibrated against a drop cell test with a calibrated Ag/AgCl reference cell. A full detailed Cathodic Protection report will be supplied as standard for the as built documentation. All engineers hold relevant offshore safety certification to allow us to work in the majority of offshore global sectors.


OES supply turnkey solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

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