Prediction based Condition Monitoring

Oil condition is affected by a combination of wear and contamination. Within each of these factors, multiple independent elements are at play: particles, water, acid, viscosity to name just a few. Our technology ensures that nothing is missed and all wear and contamination factors are reliably detected, quantified and accurately reported – all in real time.

Condition based predictive monitoring is the key to increased production and less forced downtime. Our condition monitoring equipment provides a true “fit ,function and forget” system with visual “walk around” indication, Apps allowing smart phone monitoring in real time, cloud based monitoring and analysis. Simple and easy to install water proof and ATEX certified displays provide the real time observations of oil condition and provide the assurance that oil quality and machine lubrication are as expected. Small changes in oil quality are indicated without delay and allows for a predictive and managed solution prior to forcing shut downs of critical equipment.