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OES Group

Protection is in our nature

OES Group was established in 2016 by Robert Forsyth and he was joined in 2019 by Frits Verbruggen as co-shareholder. Soon the company started showing a significant growth and we extended the group with the acquisition of HQ Fabrication in 2020.

This gave us a unique position in the market because we do not only assemble parts, but also manufacture & weld all parts in-house in our workshop. To deal with all this growth, in March 2020 we moved to a new dedicated facility with split specific production areas ensuring separated fabrication inspection and storage ensuring the strictest quality control.

OES Group now offer Fabrication work and Ultrasonic Anti Fouling & Cathodic Protection systems in a wide range of markets, from construction industry to maritime to harbours.

Our dedicated team will gladly take care of any inquiries and offer you their expertise!

Why OES Group is good for you?

Here are five good reasons to choose OES Group:

  • We care. It’s very simple, but of high importance. We care for you, your business and your assets.
  • Highest service available in the market. Service is not a philosophy, we live by it.
  • No nonsense attitude. We won’t waste your time.
  • Take away your worries. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small sacrificial anode design or a big anti fouling system. We want you worry free.
  • Have fun. We enjoy a good laugh, there is already enough stress all around us.
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