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Effective MGPS and ICCP Solutions


OES works with major operators for all classification of vessels in various operating environments.

Ultrasonic Anti Fouling (UAF)

This level of experience allows us to offer the most effective commercially recognised Ultrasonic Anti Fouling system on the market.
Wherever your vessel is exposed to raw seawater you need to protect against biofouling. On the outside, the build-up of algae, weeds, barnacles and other unwanted marine life will slow you down and increase your fuel bill. On the inside, marine organisms can restrict cooling water and even damage your engine. That is where our ultrasonic anti fouling system comes in to action.

We Design, Deliver, Install and do the Commissioning of the systems for all types of sea going vessels. From receipt of a GA or drawings we can calculate an effective Marine Growth Prevention System ensuring optimum anti fouling performance.

iccp corrosion

ICCP Marine

OES Group have a dedicated team of Cathodic Protection Specialists certified in accordance EN 15257:2017. Our engineers are certified and experienced Marine Engineers.

This high level of expertise and experience ensures we are able to Design, Model, Optimise and Deliver the most competitive and reliable CP systems for our clients vessels.

Our system is suitable and proven for all type of vessels and we pride ourselves in offering a complete CP Package with accompanying Galvanic Anodes to offer a Design, Manufacture and Commissioning service for all parts of our clients vessels.

Our Scope of work and services offered include but not limited to:

iccp corrosion

Manufacture / ICCP / GACP

  • ICCP (Hull and Rudder) – For large vessels we reduce significantly the drag on your hull with our ICCP system. In general we have encapsulated disc anodes installed at Port and Star-board which are controlled by our state of the art control units.
    The anodes benefit from auto potential from our reference electrodes which we tend to install as remote as possible to ensure complete protection.
    Unlike sacrificial anodes the auto potential possibility makes the system adapt to its environment and conditions, meaning change of operating area or degradation of coating can be easily accounted for ensuring your vessel is protected at all times.
  • GACP (Thrusters, Rudders and Tanks) to compliment the ICCP system.
    We can design and deliver Aluminium or Zinc sacrificial anodes for the areas in which ICCP is not practical. This ensures a complete package supply.


We are able to design systems in accordance with all industry recognised standards. We work closely with the industry governing bodies ensuring that we are able to update and adapt our design data to suit our clients specific project requirements. In general we follow the rules and recommendations of ISO 20313:2018, however if required we can further advise and organise project specific guidance inline with ship owners and management.
All designs are certified and modelled by our Cathodic Protection specialists and specific CP Modelling software for design optimisation and effectiveness is offered where required.

System Commissioning

Our CP Technicians will visit the project once energised and commission the ICCP system on new build projects.
If it is during a dry dock period we can also service the system and produce maintenance reports as standard. In case required, the system will be adjusted for optimum performance and training provided to the crew. A full detailed Cathodic Protection report will be supplied as standard for the as built documentation.


During the lifetime of the ICCP system, OES Group will take care of the support and when required will provide diagnostics of the performance and protection levels of your vessels. Through the vessels logs we can understand the performance and are always on the other end of the phone or a short journey away to assist if needed.


OES supply turnkey solutions to the Maritime industry.

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