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Complete Asset Integrity



OES Group have over ten years experience in providing Cathodic Protection systems to the Port and Harbour industry.

We work with marine civil contractors, underwater contractors and owners to deliver our reduced underwater works ICCP system.

The system is design by CP personnel certified in accordance with EN ISO 15257:2017 and when required, can be proven and modelled using the latest in FEM CP modelling analysing software.
All CP systems are produced completely in house in our UK manufacturing facility in The North East of England.

As well as the Cathodic Protection system we also offer a complete Cable Management plan and ease of install package.
For harbour contracts our management have worked on projects including in total over 100.000 anodes and this level of experience has resulted in the development of our easy install ICCP system.


In many projects, underwater welding is completely removed and in comparison to traditional galvanic install projects, the install time is reduced dramatically. This offers significant cost savings and increased health and safety benefit.
Dive teams can simply strap anode assemblies in place or weld 1 bracket where in general between 10~15 galvanic anodes would be required.

The benefit for the environment is significant and together with the system being smart and fully automatic, it is able to deal with changing environments, such as water salinity and coating degradation. Something traditional aluminium anodes struggle with especially in areas of brackish water such as estuaries.

Together with system design and delivery, we also offer installation. This ensures OES Group offer to our clients is a complete turnkey package taking away your Corrosion Control headache.

Reduced Installation

ICCP dramatically reduces the installation time.
This benefits to a safer working environment.


Choosing OES Group, you enjoy our years
of experience installing thousands of harbour anodes.


Choosing an ICCP system saves many tons of Aluminium being
released into the environment.
A much greener choice!


All projects are certified by adequate CP personnel
and in accordance with all the latest norms.

Cable Management

To ensure ease of installation, easy of mind
and reduce potential O&M costs of the future.


OES supply turnkey solutions to the Harbour industry.

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