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The future has gone sonic

Ultrasonic to be exact!

Ultrasonic Anti Fouling (UAF)

OES Group are your trusted partner for Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) for the Maritime, Offshore and Aquaculture industries. We offer two types of systems for prevention of Marine Fouling to ensure your assets and equipment remain clean and prevent down time as well as offer design optimisation.

Due to the ever growing environmental restrictions being imposed on the use of typical Copper based systems, OES Group have invested heavily into the development of an ultrasonic based anti fouling system.

The system works on a simple but long proven method of production of microscopic bubbles and energy which prevent the attachment of harder fouling organisms such as mussels and barnacles as well as offering a cleansing effect for the formation of algae, slime and weeds.

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The system offers significant benefits to that of more traditional systems such as:

  • Environmental Friendly – The system does not use any chemicals or heavy metals typically used as biocides and as such offers a significant benefit to the environment. OES Group works closely with recognized Marine Biologists to ensure the frequencies and intensities we are using do not effect, deter or stress marine life.
  • Unlimited applications – Unlike older systems this system can be used to prevent fouling on external foundations and vessel hulls.
  • Price – The initial purchase cost of a UAF system is similar as a traditional Copper based system, however the lifetime is more than double and no more expensive spare parts are required every docking period.

Where systems are readily available on the market, the OES Group system is European manufactured and durable for the harsh offshore and marine environments for which we work in.

OES Group looks at your individual requirement and we choose which of our systems is best applicable to ensure no fouling on your asset.

We offer two different type of systems:

  • Open Water Transducer:
    Using our unique open water technology we are able to pass sound through the water and target structures and equipment subject to Marine Growth which typically are remotely accessed.
  • Contact Transducer:
    Transducers are installed to the structure or equipment we intend to protect, with a variety of methods which vary from market to market and application to application to ensure durability, the transducer will then transmit its frequencies to the structure and or equipment.

As standard we offer Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning.